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Frontline Dynamics is developing cutting edge solutions for the air cargo industry. We want to set the trend in digitizing the cargo operations. 

We envision cargo operations where full digitization is the only way of working. Sustainable air cargo operation product means creation of healthy network of solutions digitizing a $300 billion air cargo industry from start to end 

We are digitizing the front end of the air cargo operation. Our product - TRYPOD - is connecting the Forwarder, the Trucking Company and the Ground Handler


We think and design like cargo guys to solve cargo problems. The air freight industry is highly regulated. We have designed a solution with one main idea - "Cargo First" workflow

Data Cloud
Warehouse Shelves



x5 faster delivery process at counter and truck dock 


up to 10% revenue increase from automation of services and value extraction from available data


50% FTE reduction at front counter when fully utilizing TRYPOD

iMac Screen



TRYPOD is first of its kind platform digitizing the front end of the ground operation in Air Cargo. It is managing the cargo flow from the creation of a single order to the finalization in the warehouse. The platform have been developed to connect easily with other solutions in the air cargo domain. Request a demo here.

Packaging Factory


  • Dock Management

  • Prepare / Deliver / Accept

  • Digital record

  • Run Reports

  • Regulatory data validation

  • Predictable monthly budget and scheduling

  • AI learning with early prediction system

  • Moving into real paperless environment

  • Data transparency 

  • Live KPI data to Airlines and Forwarders

Support Call


  • Self Service access to freight data

  • Minimum cost and time spend

  • Instant Trucking dispatch

  • Improved data quality

  • Digital document record

  • Easy automated invoicing and accounting

  • Real time shipment status

  • Rating of warehouse locations

  • PoD with exception notice 

Truck and Warehouse


  • Autonomous check in at workhouse

  • Eliminate waiting times

  • Smart routing selection based on scheduling

  • Greater trucking utilization

  • Receive digital order

  • Complete job

  • Report exception


Highway Aerial

Module RFS movements with location sharing and data upload


Digitization of AWB and all associated documents

Security Monitoring Screens

TSA Screening Module

Organized Files

Digital archive for 10 years

Wood Pencil and Notebook

Guaranteed Green Process

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